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Official Agent in Greater China


The Exception of the Exceptional

Since 1998 Vianney Halter envisions and develops his own wristwatches. Vianney Halter watches are produced in the traditional manner, using his unconventional style, and own technical patents and trademarked designs.

The production remains confidential due to the high level of craftsmanship: as of today, less than 500 watches bear Vianney Halter’s signature. Considering the limited production, there are only a few places where these unique timepieces can be encountered. 


The Models

1998 Antiqua – Les Montres Vianney Halter was born in 1998 at the Baselworld with the presentation of a strange watch called Antiqua. Though regarded as revolutionary when launched, the Antiqua is now considered as classical among the contemporary timepieces. 

2000 Classic – So as to meet the demand for a 3-hand watch in the style of Antiqua, Vianney Halter created the Classic. This piece was offered with a rose gold, white gold or yellow gold case and various dial combinations. The production ceased after 250 pieces were produced.
2001 Contemporaine – The Contemporaine was presented in a new version featuring a moonphase together with date and day displays. Only 4 pieces were ever produced, with platinum or white gold case.
2001 Goldpfeil – Goldpfeil Geneva asked seven AHCI members to develop and produce exclusive timepieces to be unveiled during the Baselworld 2001. Vianney Halter created the Jumping Hour and Moonphase, a white gold watch that evoked a camera of the 50’s.
2003 Harry Winston Opus 3 – The famous jeweler from New York entrusted Vianney Halter to create the Opus 3. Halter imagined and designed this piece as the missing link between analog display mechanical watches and digital display electronic watches. It was actually the first digital display mechanical watch.
2006 Cabestan – The designer Jean-François Ruchonnet asked Vianney Halter to develop a special movement for his Cabestan. This innovative concept features a vertical tourbillon and a chain-and-fusée constant force system.
2007 Trio – The Trio is a rectangular shaped watch houses a movement that includes a Grande Date and a am/pm indicator. This caliber was specially developed for this watch by Vianney Halter.
2008 Satellarium – The Satellarium was a two-piece limited edition based on the unique piece designed and made by Halter for Goldpfeil Geneva. It can be seen as the ultimate evolution of the Antiqua concept. Its 3 separate dials (time, moonphase and temperature) have now become 3 independent cases discreetly linked one to each other.
2010 Classic Janvier – Vianney Halter created the Classic Janvier to pay homage to his master in history: Antide Janvier (1971-1835). This masterpiece features the time, moon cycle and the equation of time. The latter complication is of the running type and displays at a glance the Real Solar Time as well as the Mean Solar Time.


2013 Deep Space Tourbillon – This is a watch inspired by Sci-Fi novels, TV series and movies as well as by images from the recent history of space exploration. It features a triple-axis central tourbillon.